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Fitness BINGO is a staple here at X-Moves & here's how to participate: 

1. Take a screenshot of the bingo card below

2. Pick and choose BINGO squares to complete during your isolation, or do them all! 

3. Complete it with a friend (from afar)

4. Share your progress on social media & challenge others

5. Use the X-Moves 'Contact' tab to send us your final BINGO progress when you're done & be entered to WIN a prize


wellness 2

This Week In Fitness Bingo:

This week's edition of Fitness BINGO is to get you started on a mindful and thoughtful note for the semester with Wellness 2.0. For those returning from isolation or simply adjusting to a new schedule, complete these activities to take a step back.



Previous Editions:


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fall edition

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Wellness Edition of X-Moves fitness BINGO

500 rep challenge

This is a SPOOKY, scary hard, 500 rep challenge work out.

Do each exercise for 20 reps to total 500 reps, with 20 reps of your choice on the free space!

Ghoul Luck, Movers


Isolation at X

Check out the previous edition of fitness bingo, perfect for people wanting to get moving in isolation.