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Throughout the previous months, as a result of the current pandemic, everyone has experienced immense change, rattling the foundation on which their everyday stands. From daily interactions to changes in routine, the old day-to-day is no more. These drastic changes can mean many things, including the unfortunate adverse effects that quarantine life and physical distancing may bring about, like mental health challenges.  

This is where we come in! X-Moves strives to connect, unite, and inspire members of the Xaverian community to get outside, get active, and counteract these adverse effects that pandemic-life can have on one’s mental health and physical well-being. X-Moves is an online activity resource providing information through multimedia content (blog posts, videos, etc.) that encourages and inspires physical activity during COVID-19. This community-oriented platform will not only serve as a resource, but also encourage members of the community to give their own multimedia input and experience with all types of physical activity, ranging from gardening to running! X-Moves serves not only as a resourceful, community-focused platform for anything activity-based, but serves also a hub for positivity, encouragement, and inspiration, in hopes of combatting the negative effects of pandemic-life as we move together, apart. 

About the Creator


Originally from Ottawa, Kennedy Nangle is a fourth-year student at St.FX university currently pursuing an honours degree in Biology with a concentration in Health Sciences. Kennedy is a curious and committed student with a passion for science. She is dedicated to getting the most out of her time at X, whether it be academically, socially, or in the community, from working in the lab, volunteering at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, and more. As a third generation St.FX student, Kennedy is very proud to be part of the Xaverian community in every way possible!