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Helping You Get Moving in Isolation

As students return back to St.FX to begin the school year, many are required to self-isolate. Being in isolation, likely with limited resources and little space, it is no doubt difficult to get active. Paradoxically, activity and exercise is a great way to help get through the massive 2-week endeavor that is self-isolation. 

X-Moves strives to make this period a little more bearable for students by providing them with ideas, inspiration, and resources to get active during this time, wether it be in your residence room or your front porch! 

This page is dedicated to all the students in isolation who want to get active.

Finding ways to move together, apart

The X Isolation Experience

In the very first segment of our Fitness BINGO with X-Moves, we present to you: ISOLATION BINGO

As of now, hundreds of students around the community are in the midst of completing their 2 week self-isolation period, ensuring the safety of those around them. However, isolation makes it tough to get the blood flowing and get sufficient activity in your day. Not to mention that self-isolation can have a major strain on one's mental health, some of which can potentially be alleviated with activity. 

With this new Isolation BINGO, X-Moves strives to make activity in isolation slightly more manageable so that you can reap benefits of all sorts.

Use the 'Contact' section of X-Moves to contribute your own ideas to the next edition of Fitness BINGO

Also check out the various experiences of X students in isolation and quarantine. 

X-Moves BINGO: Isolation Edition

Starting with students in isolation: Fitness BINGO with X-Moves begins here

Students in Isolation

Get a glimpse into the isolation experience of St.FX students coming from out of province and learn about how they stayed active during this challenging 14 days.

Goal Setting & Organization

Check out fun ideas for activities in isolation and goal setting for the new year!


X-Moves is here to offer you more than motivation and present you with accessible activities; we are a resource advocating for physical and mental wellness. 

Below you can find resources of all kinds, being offered by the community, St.FX, and beyond to help get you through self-isolation:


StFX Resources

For all things StFX & COVID related:

For students returning to campus: 

StFX Counselling Centre:

Volunteer to help isolating students:

The StFX Students Union has a ton of helpful information, from program you can take part in, to COVID-19 updates:



List of Community Resources

The Town of Antigonish offers many resources:

Take a look at the Antigonish Facebook page:

Check out some of the town's counsellors:

For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 in the province: