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Hello and Welcome to X-Moves!

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a countless amount of struggle, it has also seen ideas, dreams, and opportunities emerge that would never have seen life without it. Thanks to the Xaverian Leaders Micro-Grants, X-Moves is one of the ideas that has been able to come to life in hopes of connecting, uniting, and inspiring the community that it serves and depends on, around a collective theme: mental and physical health.  

Below is a quick question & answer to give you all the information you need on X-Moves to get started!  


1. What Is X-Moves? 

      X-Moves is a platform that serves as a community wellness resource, focusing on improving and maintaining mental health through physical activity, encouraging good mental and physical health practices.  

      To do this, X-Moves provides the Xaverian community with up-to-date, accurate, and relevant information on health and wellness throughout the pandemic and beyond. Specifically, X-Moves highlights, organizes, and provides information on health and wellness in a digestible way, while working directly with the Xaverian community, ensuring an easy way to get involved. 


2. What Can I Expect From X-Moves? 

      X-Moves aims to provide multimedia content for all ages that encourages and informs the community on wellness with the hopes of improving mental health. This means, you can expect blog posts, videos, interviews, news-like stories, and more from us! Regular content will be released once every two weeks in addition to ongoing updates about what the community is up to, and local activities being run. 


3. How Can I Get Involved? 

Not only does this platform provide information from outside sources, but it also seeks to involve the community in it’s content! This means that the community can provide its’ very own tips, tricks, and input for the platform in any way, shape, or form. Submissions or suggestions for submissions are more than welcomed and this can all be done from the X-Moves site directly!    


4. What If I Have A Question?   

Please feel free to send any questions to the following contact:    

Kennedy Nangle:

email: or visit for further contact information.