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"The stories we live and tell provide coherence and meaning and orient our sense of purpose" - Sharon Daloz Parks

Welcome to the Stories of Hope, where we share experiences and thoughts surrounding the pandemic, the psychological and emotional stress many of us faced over the past few months, and how we converted it into hope and opportunity for ourselves and those close to us. We highlight the challenges that manifest across different social contexts and the solutions created by local communities to enhance social solidarity. These narratives are motivating and inspirational and are examples of the way to live the new normal. For those still trying to navigate through tough times, this is also a platform to seek advice and connect with the community.

We invite everyone to share your experiences during the pandemic, dreams and hopes for the future, as well as the challenge of decoding the new normal. As we move into the recovery phase, there are many new opportunities waiting for us. Please share how you are seizing these opportunities to grow and change. Your messages or reflections can be in the form of short write-ups of your experiences or longer reflections, in which you tell the story of something special that you have done, experienced, or thought about that you wish to share with others. We will respect your choice if you want to post anonymous content… Come, join the Stories of Hope to take your message to the world.

Stories of Hope

2020 was one of the most challenging years I have ever experienced, but it was also a year of learning and change... I would say that it is very important to take chances and risks and challenge yourself and try new things because if you never take that chance, you’ll never know what can become of it, Halle Cordingley. READ MORE

Each of us has a powerful mind and heart, capable of creating images of a brave, new world. Debbie Castle suggests ways to use your mind to benefit yourself and those around you, as well as nature, in 2021. READ MORE

It was hope and a positive outlook that kept me going all these months. I am starting the year with great enthusiasm, says Dhruv Patel. READ MORE

Christmas symbolizes hope, oneness and harmony, sharing and helping others. The year 2020 saw life get harder, though our solidarity also grew stronger. While restrictions were in place and rules had to be followed this Christmas, there was no dearth of community spirit and of helping others. Stories of Hope interviews Mary MacLellan, who has been a District 1 Councillor in Antigonish County for 28 years, and we asked her about what gave her hope this Christmas. READ MORE

As we move forward into cries of “happy holidays” and the personal realities that may appear anything but happy, we are all faced with the same choice I experienced. We may feel down about everything that is going wrong, but we do not have to give up control. We are all in different situations, and we all face diverse stressors. Some of us might be worried about our jobs or are already having a hard time keeping the lights on. Some of us are battling mental health struggles and physical maladies. Some of us are just dang lonely, and some of us might be cut off from our families all together. No matter what happens, we will all remain human, and humans have the inherent capacity for resilience, says Jenny Li. READ MORE

Frequently Asked Questions
Minding the Mind

This section answers some of the frequently answered questions about mental health during these stressful times. We have the answers for you. In case you do not find an answer here, please write to our experts at

Mental Health Resources
Life Line

This section provides details of resources available both online and in antigonish for seeking advice and psychological help.

Mutual Aid Network
Mutual Aid Network

As the university opens in fall, we are here to welcome you and provide any help that you may need settling into your routine. Email, with "Mutual Aid Network" in the subject line for any help.