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"The stories we live and tell provide coherence and meaning and orient our sense of purpose" - Sharon Daloz Parks

Welcome to the Stories of Hope, where we share experiences and thoughts surrounding the pandemic, the psychological and emotional stress many of us faced over the past few months, and how we converted it into hope and opportunity for ourselves and those close to us. We highlight the challenges that manifest across different social contexts and the solutions created by local communities to enhance social solidarity. These narratives are motivating and inspirational and are examples of the way to live the new normal. For those still trying to navigate through tough times, this is also a platform to seek advice and connect with the community.

We invite everyone to share your experiences during the pandemic, dreams and hopes for the future, as well as the challenge of decoding the new normal. As we move into the recovery phase, there are many new opportunities waiting for us. Please share how you are seizing these opportunities to grow and change. Your messages or reflections can be in the form of short write-ups of your experiences or longer reflections, in which you tell the story of something special that you have done, experienced, or thought about that you wish to share with others. We will respect your choice if you want to post anonymous content… Come, join the Stories of Hope to take your message to the world.

Stories of Hope

The pandemic last year reinforced the human need for helping and giving to others, the importance of gratitude, and being thankful to God or the supreme power, whoever we believe in, for keeping us safe. I asked a friend of mine what he wanted for Christmas. A "COVID vaccine for everyone” was his response. And so, I realized that the wishes have changed this year – from wishing for oneself to wishing for everyone, says Preet Banga. READ MORE

It was amazing to find so much content on the web focused on mindfulness for students to reduce examination-related stress, says Preet Banga. Experts believe that by being mindful "we reduce stress, enhance performance, gain insight and awareness through observing our own mind." READ MORE

Millions around the world are dealing with tremendous stress, which though triggered by external conditions, is compounded manifold by their own inability to respond to challenges in a thoughtful and perceptive way, says Gaurav Dua, founder of a mobile application called Fatebox. The application trains users to be more observant about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, which helps them take better control of their life. READ MORE

Stories of Hope invites everyone to share with us how you would like your new world to look like. Send us your hopes and aspirations for the future and we will publish it on our website. READ MORE

For the 2020 fall term, the StFX Art Gallery has two exhibitions on display, a small-scale tapestry show called INTERFACE in 2002 Mulroney Hall and an art quilt exhibition, Colour with a ‘U’ in 103 Bloomfield Centre. Both shows required months of planning, organization, all while in COVID lockdown. It took me weeks to figure out how to allow visitors to book 30-minute appointments through the gallery’s website, but all this work has paid off, says Dr. Andrea Terry, Director/Curator at the StFX Art Gallery. READ MORE

Frequently Asked Questions
Minding the Mind

This section answers some of the frequently answered questions about mental health during these stressful times. We have the answers for you. In case you do not find an answer here, please write to our experts at

Mental Health Resources
Life Line

This section provides details of resources available both online and in antigonish for seeking advice and psychological help.

Mutual Aid Network
Mutual Aid Network

As the university opens in fall, we are here to welcome you and provide any help that you may need settling into your routine. Email, with "Mutual Aid Network" in the subject line for any help.