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This section answers some of the Frequently Answered Questions about mental health during these stressful times. We have the answers for you. In case you do not find an answer here, please write to our experts at


Q.   How can I ensure my mental wellbeing in such uncertain times?

A:  There are a number of coping strategies and personal assessment tools available to help manage stress and anxiety as we adapt the new normal. Some of the resources are:

Q.   If I come to Antigonish from outside Nova Scotia, I will be asked to self-isolate? How can I adapt to this situation?

A.    While self-isolating is a challenge, it is for the safety of everyone on the campus and in the Antigonish community. But you don't have to worry. Help will be provided by the Residence and Health & Counselling Centre staff.  Please visit their website for more information.

Q.   Can I get any psychological help during the self-isolation period?

A.   Yes, the Health & Counselling Centre services are available. You can book an online appointment with a nurse who will direct you to a therapist, if necessary.

Q.   If I experience fear, sadness or another difficult emotion, how can I cope with them?

A.   The first step is to recognize the emotion, to be aware of it, and then maybe to try to identify it: “Is it fear? Is it irritation? etc.”  Some difficult emotions are healthy in a period like a pandemic.  A certain amount of fear or anxiety, for instance, helps us to stay on guard and remember to wear our mask.  Sadness can also be normal if our we lost a loved one because of the pandemic.  The key is to relate to these emotions and try not to let them control our livers.  Friends, nature, art, watching a movie can all help.

Q.   What if I experience anxiety as the Fall Semester approaches?  

A.    Anxiety is not only normal during uncertain times; it can be healthy.  Anxiety can be a message that you need to respond to a situation.  The start of a semester is usually full of excitement and some anxiety.  This year, the anxiety will likely be higher.  Maybe you can think of ways to respond to this anxiety.  Staying in contact with friends, thinking of a possible new routine, planning new leisure moments are excellent ways to cope.  You can also take time to look up evidence-based resources on the web and social media.

Q.   Even while maintaining physical distancing norms, will I be able to meet friends, hang out with them for a coffee or study together?

A.   The University is working hard on devising ways for students to connect remotely and in person.  We must remember this the new normal all over the world.

Q.   Is there any stigma or bias related to COVID-19 that I should be aware of as I plan to return in Fall?

A.   Although, some people think that only the one who were careless got COVID-19, we know this is a tough virus to track, this is not always the case.  People who get sick form COVID need our support just as much as people who have other types of illnesses.

 Q.   Will the community still welcome outsiders as I plan to live off-campus?

A.   The Town and County of Antigonish have been part of the discussions in finalizing the back to university plan.  Following the Public Health directives will assure a good support from the community.  Students may remember that Antigonish has a high number of seniors who are particularly susceptible to COVID.

Q.   I love sports. Will I be able to participate in/attend athletics and other sports events?

Please see the web site of St-FX Recreation, many new activities like hiking and others are planned.

Q.   Will social and arts events return to the university?

A.   The University is already planning social and art events. However, the form this will take is not yet clear.

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