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Racism is rarely discussed as a major challenge that students face                                                                 in university...

                                             This needs to change.

The higher learning context typically puts Black students in an all-White environment without acknowledging the trauma and challenges that these students endure as a result. This project aims to put a spotlight on the experiences of Black students at StFX University to make visible to everyone what has always been visible to the Black community. This data will also be used to develop recommendations for StFX University to address the racism its Black students face, as well as change institutional practices to better support the Black community.

Project Updates

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Anti-Racism Protest
University Anti-Racism Initiatives

These are some of the most notable and ambitious initiatives announced by Canadian universities during the recent revitalization of the Black Lives Matter movement.

About the Grant Recipient

Learn more about the grant recipient, her involvement in student leadership and work at StFX.