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Picture of Rebecca Mesay

Rebecca Mesay

Rebecca is a recent graduate of St. Francis Xavier University with a degree in Political Science and Development Studies and a focus in international politics. She has recently returned to StFX to pursue additional research opportunities.

During her studies she was part of various advocacy groups focusing on equity for underrepresented students on campus and also helped to create a formalized tutoring program for student athletes. She worked in the StFX Students’ Union as the Vice President of Residence Affairs in 2017 and was later elected Students’ Union President for the 2018-2019 year.

She has previously worked with the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre and the Maple League of Universities. Rebecca also informs us that she is “not very funny” and that she “does not have any hobbies other than reading about how the US election could be altered by gerrymandering.” We are not convinced that this is true. But if it is, since leadership is not always flashy and at times necessarily means sitting down to do thoughtful work and rigorous thinking and planning, we are a-ok with it, Rebecca.

2016 Hall of Honour Ceremony

As a first year recipient, Rebecca did a speech at the 2016 Hall of Honour Ceremony.

X-Talks Justice: Rebecca Mesay

Rebecca was one of the inaugural speakers of StFX's John C. Friel X Talks in 2017.

Rebecca Mesay @ TEDxBishopsU

In 2018, Rebecca did a Tedx Talk at Bishops University in Québec .