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                                                                               PROJECT TIMELINE

  September 2020

  1) Research similar reports published at other universities and establish                                  contact with members of the working groups that were part of creating                             those reports.

   (Apply in advance to receive permission for focus groups)

   2) Meet with the StFX’s Equity Committee, CABSS Committee, and African                             Descent Student Affairs Office to accumulate the reports and data that                               have been released by these groups in the last five years.


  October 2020

  3) Preliminary research, to establish context for the experience of Black                                  students in the post-secondary system in Canada.


   November 2020 (through February 2021)

   4) Data will be collected through focus groups conducted with current                                   students as well as written submissions. A survey will also be provided to                           students who are unable to attend focus groups.

      Key informant interviews will be used for individuals with lived experience,                         scholarly or professional expertise on the topic of support for Black                                    students at StFX University.


   December 2020

   5) A literature review will be completed utilizing key themes identified by                           the students.

   This process will include a scan of publicly available literature to identify                              promising practices to address the needs of students.


    January-February 2021

   6) Final phase of gathering data.

   Beginning of reporting period (highest intensity of the writing).

   Presentations to members of the McKenna Board and of the school                                   community.

   Begin drafting the recommendations.


  March-April 2021

  7) Final edits of the written work.

   Final review of the recommendations in consultation with the Office for                             Students of African Descent.


  May 2021

  8) Presentation of recommendations to Senior Administration.

  Report becomes public to community.