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Sanjidha Ganeshan
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Sanjidha Ganeshan

Sanjidha Ganeshan is in her final year as a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) student at StFX. She hails from Mauritius. Sanjidha is part of the EduNova program for international students of Nova Scotia. Since March last year, almost every week, the team of EduNova held webinars about self-development, focusing on developing skills and qualities to better prepare students for jobs after the COVID-19 pandemic. Last summer, she worked as a volunteer at the Student Food Resource Centre (SFRC) on campus and felt very happy helping out with the efforts of the Students Union and the University to alleviate food insecurity and financial hardship, especially during the pandemic. Sanjidha says the pandemic taught her that there is a positive side to most events. Finding it makes life better. Here is what Sanjidha has to tell us about how things have evolved for her at StFX:

"I can't believe I am graduating soon and leaving X. I still remember the very first day I stepped onto this campus thinking the next four years will be amazing. And I was right, they truly were! They were for sure not always easy, but I am happy I went through the difficulties and challenges. 2020 especially was a hard year but it also created important insights. When everyone was asked to go back home in March of 2020, it was hard for me. I really wanted to fly back home but because of the worsening situation, I had to stay here. During the lockdown, only focusing on online final exams and studying everyday was challenging. However, after the exam period, the EduNova program for international students hosted webinars and workshops online about resilience during the pandemic. Attending those workshops helped me find out what my skills were and learn how to improve them. Some of the workshops that were about self-development helped me figure out who I am as a person. I have been struggling for quite some time to figure this out and what I want in life. I am still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do in the future, but hey, one step at a time! Everything I was doing last year seemed overwhelming and impacted my mental health. However, thanks to these workshops during lockdown, I was able to learn about resiliency: how to use this time of pandemic to my advantage and come out stronger. For instance, students attending these workshops were given tips on how to write an strong resume and have it ready to go for the post Covid-19 job market. We were given tips and advice on how to connect and network online via LinkedIn and other social media platforms. We were advised on how to work on our online presence on LinkedIn, connect with friends, people from other universities, as well as potential future employers. Alongside these, the crew at EduNova hosted virtual hangout sessions where we were able to have fun and play online games with others in the same program. I also learned to appreciate the little things and live in the moment more. University life changes you a lot, for the better. You grow, you gain new perspectives.

I am forever grateful for the great friendships I have made here. Cheers to the nights at the Pub dancing the night away, the football games, hockey games, basketball games, TheU events, the super subs, the lectures, the society events, going to the gym with the squad, study group sessions with friends, movie nights, game nights, wing nights at the Inn, the 'staying-in-meal-hall-just-to-hang out-until-closing' nights, cheers to hanging out in Mini Moes, cheers to Rita Wraps, cheers to falling asleep on the couch in the SUB, to spending endless hours advocating for students, cheers to those tough 8:15am classes, the late nights studying in the library, the beach trips, the hikes, cheers to Orientation week each year where I met awesome people… the list is endless.

I will never forget that feeling upon receiving my X-Ring. I cannot forget the taste of the famous chicken with the sauce, cannot forget the first time I saw snow, nor first time I went ice skating and fell on the ice and first time I had maple syrup. There are too many great moments to mention them all. I guess we'll also never know which is better: Kenny's or The Wheels! I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone countless times and going crazy. For now, I am nervous and excited to see what the next chapter of my life is going to be like."



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