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Every year, the Centre welcomes three distinguished scholars and notable leaders to our campus to deliver a series of lectures and workshops. 

Each McKenna Lecturer delivers a public talk to the university community and additionally hosts a workshop for students that addresses important leadership skills, that offers guidance and advice on professionalization, and that foregrounds the links between academic undergraduate training and leadership activities after graduation.  

McKenna Lecturers are selected with special attention to the kinds of skills and leadership values that the Centre foregrounds. The lectures are designed to model to students the ways in which accomplished leaders have put to work a diverse combination of skills, fields, and backgrounds in innovative ways in order to work toward positive social change and social justice.  

The McKenna Lectures illustrate to students how the inter-disciplinary skills that they are able to acquire at StFX and that they can hone through the resources and training that the McKenna Centre offers prepare them to become future leaders and in their chosen fields. While the lectures serve to inspire students to take on leadership roles, the workshops provide students with the opportunity to get concrete information, tips, and advice from accomplished leaders on how they may shape their own paths as future leaders—during their time at StFX and after graduation. 

Upcoming Events

Past McKenna Lectures and Events

Thursday, October 27,6:30 PM to *;00 PM | Schwartz Auditorium
Bruce Campell (Author and Former Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

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Last year | McKenna Centre
Energy Transition School
Featuring: Dr. Jennifer Wenzel (Columbia University) Dr. Jeff Diamanti (University of Amsterdam) Dr. Imre Szeman (University of Waterloo)
September 27, 6:15pm | Schwartz Auditorium
Malka Odler

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