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Each year, the McKenna Centre offers free leadership symposia that provide students with training in core leadership skills. Through workshops, activities, and engaging presentations, a range of experts will share with students their own experiences and insights and offer students information on crucial, in-demand skills, tips and tricks for professionalization, and resources for further education. Designed to be highly interactive, these symposia, one of the cornerstones of the Xaverian Leaders program, provide students with opportunities to learn from experts and to work together in order to develop projects, initiatives, and ideas.  

Together, the symposia answer a set of fundamental questions regarding leadership today:  

  • Which skills must graduates across disciplines possess in order to take on leadership roles in their respective fields upon graduation?  
  • Which core skills and abilities serve all students, regardless of background and academic field, who wish to develop their own versions of leadership?  
  • What additional resources, training, and opportunities for professionalization do students need who wish to lead the way toward creating positive change?  
  • And which important skills do organizations, professors, and employers identify most frequently as underdeveloped or even lacking in university graduates? 

Regula focus topics of the symposia include: 

  • “Communication, Media, and Public Relations: Core Skills for Leaders” 
  • “Non-Traditional and Inclusive Leadership”  
  • “Leadership in/and Internationalization” 

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