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Each year, the McKenna Centre for Leadership, in collaboration with the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government and the Coady International Institute, hosts the StFX Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Leadership Summit. The EDI Summit is a multi-day conference that brings together students, faculty, and staff from StFX and other universities as well as community members and education professionals across the region to discuss important strategies and initiatives in the field of EDI leadership. 

EDI leadership is not only a highly important topic for all organizations and indeed for research practices in the Canadian academy, but it is also important area of emphasis for virtually all departments, programs, and offices at StFX. By organizing and co-hosting this annual event, the McKenna Centre seeks to bring together and amplify the wide range of ongoing efforts in EDI leadership at StFX and beyond while also charting new directions and supporting the creation of new initiatives and policies.  

The EDI Summit has been co-developed with expertise and input from a variety of offices at StFX, including the Human Rights and Equity Office, the Research Services Group, and the Coordinator of Students of African Descent. This summit is designed to foster communication and collaboration between as many departments and organizations on our campus and in our community as possible in order to maximize efforts and resources and to share best practices through a series of workshops, events, and panels that highlight the details of one crucial form of leadership that we all hold dear: leadership in equity, diversity, and inclusion.  

The event itself is designed to be highly inclusive, inviting experts to share their insights while being open to participants of all levels of expertise. It welcomes researchers, students, and a wide range of educators, professionals, and community members to come together to discuss and investigate a field of topics with which we must all familiarize ourselves as leaders of tomorrow.