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What does student leadership at StFX look like?
What kinds of great ideas and projects have StFX students developed?

We are a small, friendly university. Yet, it’s still difficult to keep track of all the inspiring and noteworthy things that StFX students do each semester. All too often, StFX students are doing wonderful things to make our university and our world a better place—but not enough people know about their efforts. 

The Xaverian Leader of the Month video series is here to fix these problems. Each month, we post a short video that tells the story of a StFX student and of an idea, a project, or an initiative that they have developed. The videos contain a short profile of the student and of their projects, and they also offer friends and supporters the opportunity to tell us all what’s so notable and exciting about what the featured student has achieved. 

Do you know a student who took action to address a problem or who started an initiative to address an issue in our community? Do you know someone on campus who has been silently working to address a social or environmental problem and who deserves to be celebrated for their efforts and recognized for their leadership? Are you aware of students who spoke up and took action when most remained silent and passive? Then nominate them to be our next “Xaverian Leader of the Month.”  

To nominate someone, send us a letter of nomination that details why they should be featured and what kind of leadership they have displayed. Also, tell us a bit about the nominee and what makes them special, and suggest other students, professors, or members of our community who might be able to speak to the nominee's leadership record. Send your nominations to  

We will review the nominations and select one student leader who will be featured each month of the academic year. To create the video, we will interview the winning student, and we will also selected some memorable passages from your nomination letter and speak with you and other students about the winner to get some good soundbites.  

So, if you want someone you know feel appreciated and get the recognition they deserve for their important work, then nominate them to be our next Xaverian Leader of the Month! 

Video Library

Jenny Li (November)
Marcel Desmond (October)
Anamika Saxena (September)