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Check in on how other Xaverians are dealing with our new lives!

Welcome to The Diary of Xaverians in Quarantine. The Xaverian community is strong, reliable and in this time when we are spread across the country and the world and largely isolated from our normal support networks, our community is there to support us when we need it most, if only we make sure to stay involved. Here, in this diary, we will showcase how members of the Xavierian community are tackling their lives within the confines of the new realities of our world with the global Covid-19 affecting nearly every single aspect. Showing how different individuals are going through their modified daily lives. While in some ways these new and ever evolving circumstances of our lives, as regulations and restrictions change almost daily, can make every part of functioning in daily life a lot more difficult. The after effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, have caused many difficult obstacles such as isolation from friends and family and other support networks, loss of income, lessened income, or modified work, loss of opportunities, from going on exchange or on a trip or even just making plans. However, for many it is also bringing about a period of growth, of triumph, and of fight to make change. Many people are trying new things, like cooking or painting, or sewing, even learning a new language. Others are learning about new problems, or problems that they were previously unaware of and how to deal with them, such as the massive outpouring of support for the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ movements. And others still are learning about themselves and how to be the people they want to be.

Here, each week we will showcase the diary of a member of the community, that shows how they are managing, growing, or thriving in these circumstances. In a storybook fashion, we will explore the ups and downs and twists and turns of their current life. It will allow us to stay connected and involved in each other's lives, while also staying up to date on how the community as a whole is dealing with these new circumstances. As well, each week we will be presenting recommendations from the Xaverian community about books to read, movies to watch, podcasts to listen to etc. Anyone in the community can submit ideas, and the more a book, or a movie is recommended, the higher in the list it will rise, making it a stronger recommendation.

Xaverians want to hear what YOU are up to, and how you are surviving Covid-19. Yes you, who ever you are, share your story! If you're at all interested in being a part of the diary profile, whether anonymous or with your name attached, please fill out the form below, so that we can together create your profile. Also, please send any media recommendations to, as well as any questions, concerns, or opinions

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