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Sat, 08/01/2020 - 17:24
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Macdonell, H., Moffatt, G., Sobot, L.

As one of few Canadian universities reopening its doors to in-person education this fall, St. Francis Xavier University is being questioned in a way we’ve never seen. In our first episode of The Xaverian Files, we explore the diverse perspectives of students and professors and how they feel about St. FX’s return to in-person education. While some are eagerly awaiting the return of in-person education, others are fearing the potential consequences. We are joined by three guests: Addy Strickland, the editor of the Arts and Community section of the Xavierian Weekly; Dr. Angie Kolen, a Human Kinetics professor and the Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Centre at St.FX; and Dr. Donna Trembinski – a History professor and the author of Illness and Authority: Disability in the Life and Lives of Francis of Assisi.  

Our featured artist was Moira and Claire. Listen to their music on Spotify.

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