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Emilie Knighton
Marine Science Technician, Herring Science Council

Hometown: Georgetown, ON

Degree: Double Advance major in Biology and Aquatic Resource with a minor in Economics

What makes me tick:

         Over my four years of study at StFX I worked throughout the biology department with Msc. Lauff and Dr. Garbary. I studied the introduction of a new seaweed that can be harvested in Nova Scotia, looking at the ecology, harvest sustainability, and economic sustainability.  My passion lies with the sea and the sustainability of marine resources with specific interests in sharks, jellyfish, and squids. I plan on continuing my studies and field work to further investigate sustainability, zoology, and the world around me.


         I am currently spending 5 months of my placement with the Herring Science Council as a marine science technician. This work covers a range of different research projects, mainly focusing on completing bioacoustics aquatic surveys and plankton tows to monitor and predict the population level of Herring. I also am partaking in a fish-tagging program to track the movement of the populations over time. I am looking forward to spending the second half of my placement in the field of marine sustainability.