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Wed, 01/20/2021 - 16:14
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Macdonell, H., Moffatt, G., Sobot, L.

Welcome to another episode of The Xaverian Files. So, this episode is a tad bit more academically inclined than usual - we’re taking a deep dive into some of the amazing research done right here at StFX university, interviewing faculty who are actively looking to sponsor some undergraduate summer research.

STFX Research
Irving Award

Time codes for specific profs:

16:00 Dr. Charlene Weaving

21:10 Dr. Derek Lee 

25:55 Dr. Katie Obrey

30:20 Dr. Erin Mazerolle

34:40 Dr. Patrick Withey 

38:30 Dr. Russel Wyeth 

45:00 Dr. Jacob Levman

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