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It may sound as if we are going to do some fortunetelling here, but no! We are actually going to talk about "Fatebox," a mobile-based application that a enables users to track and possibly anticipate their fate. Although it is still in beta mode, it is available on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store for download. Stories of Hope reached out to Gaurav Dua, who is the brain behind developing this application.

fate1Fatebox is a "thinker's application" that people use to track and anticipate their fate. It does so by asking users to record their thoughts, feelings, and experiences and by highlighting connections between the before and after of an event. So basically, this App is meant for those people who look carefully at their life's experiences and try to draw connections, says Gaurav. He said Fatebox also allows users a "Pray" icon (per their faith) for the posts that they put on the app.

Fatebox has specific functions, such as Expectation, Prediction, and Resolution, that are designed to record a user's pre-event thoughts and then post-Reality Checks, along with Before and After Feelings. In addition, users can also record their Dreams, Karma, and Superstitions - and have the option to connect them to real life events, he said.

The results or insights a user draws from the App are a subject of the user’s own interpretation. For example, when a user posts any expectation, at that time he/she needs to provide a date to fulfill that expectation. And on that date, the app will give the user one reminder.

Gaurav, who lives in India, visualized this application driven by his own experiences of unexplained connections he sees in his life. He says that life does not happen to people by accident, but by the different signals they send into their own respective universes. In most cases, they are either blissfully unaware of the "cause" and "effect" or link them wrongly. This is where Fatebox can help them join the right dots together and gather stronger hold of their lives.  

As Covid-19 has shown the world, life is fairly unpredictable. Millions around the world are dealing with tremendous stress, which though triggered by external conditions, is compounded manifold by their own inability to respond to challenges in a thoughtful and perceptive way, says Gaurav.

Fatebox trains users to be more observant about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, which helps them take better control of their life. Through its simple functions, Fatebox enables users to "reflect upon" and "anticipate" their life systematically, vice learning about its realities in the usual serendipitous way, he said, noting the App does not predict. "It just helps you record the Reality Checks of your Predictions. It helps you record by what percentage was your prediction right, wrong, or different, and what was your post reality feeling." Gaurav said the calculations done by Fatebox are simply based on mathematical formula of averages.

By engaging the users more deeply with their very own unique universe, Fatebox raises their consciousness and makes much more mindfully equipped to make most of their life, he said.

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