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Pride flag

This month at X, we celebrate PRIDE. Unfortunately, many of the staple events that typically happen, like Priscilla Queen of the Highlands, are unable to be hosted in an in-person format due to COVID 19. Thankfully, the calendar of events compiled still has some fan favourites, and is offerIng plenty of online options.


This years calendar has not one but TWO sex toy bingo’s, one of which will be virtual. This will give students who are perhaps still in quarantine, or otherwise uncomfortable participating in a more open setting the chance to participate in this much anticipated event. The event this year will be hosted by the GDSA in collaboration with the Student’s Union. 


New events have also made the Pride month calendar. Information sessions regarding a range of topics from

Sexual Education (*cough cough* not merely abstinence for those of you who remember somewhat unhelpful highschool sessions on such topics), labels and even a history of tattooing in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. 


It looks like, despite the pandemic, the GDSA has planned a well rounded and exciting month of activities in connection with some notable artists, activists and groups. Among these people we can look forward to seeing; various tattoo artists and owners from across the province, and Drag King Richard Rockhard for some riveting tips and tricks for those aspiring Drag Kings and Queens out there. Venus Envy will also be present on campus this month to re-educate us on the much needed and revamped version of the birds and the bees. To cap it all off, a concert consisting of local talent will bring our celebration of pride month at X to a close. 


Check out the GDSA Pride Month Calendar of Events, easily accessible through their instagram page: @xgdsa


Looking forward to seeing more of this PRIDE energy on campus this month, and in the future. 

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