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plain gift boxes and spruce

For those of you who may not be familiar, last week (October 18-24) was Small Business Week. This week serves as a friendly reminder for people to buy local. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had given a statement regarding the resiliency of small businesses during the global COVID-19 pandemic, in which he said,

"I  also encourage everyone to buy local, order take-out, and show as much support as you can for our small businesses. Only together can we defeat this virus and build a more resilient Canada".

This was the end to a speech in which Government programs enacted by COVID-19 circumstances were spoken about, and the importance of small businesses to the economy were highlighted. Small businesses are of course, a corner stone to our communities. I thought, that given the upcoming 'Season of Giving', I would reiterate the importance of buying locally. During the Christmas season, many people flock to ordering gifts online. As someone in their twenties, trust me I get the appeal. Shopping in general has become very different during the pandemic, but artisians have been adapting too. Many have turned to online social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram, so that they could keep creating and selling their goods. The Antigonish Farmers Market has also gained a beautiful new space in which they have ample space for social distancing.

Goods that are handmade, can be thoughtful, not only for those you are gifting to, but for those who have made them as well. Personally, I have always loved that the money you pay for goods you buy from the artisans themselves, goes directly to them. Purchases made from small businesses often go directly back into your town. Not only can you make your Christmas with quality purchase, but someone elses as well.

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